Monday, October 22, 2012

Flight...Check! Hotel...Check! Nerves....Check..Check..Check!

I am so nervous.  The butterflies are in full force.  I'm not sure why I am so nervous now and I wonder if anyone else experienced the same feeling after booking their flight and hotel.  I'm flying, alone, to a country I have never been. I've never been overseas (unless you count a trip to Jamaica and Bahamas)   Here, I am flying halfway around the freaking world - alone.  I am still nervous as I am typing this. 

My flight...

I am flying Emirates.  I leave DC on December 1st.  I fly from DC to Dubai. I have a 2 hour layover in Dubai and then I fly from Dubai to Delhi.  I am so nervous because a 2 hour lay over doesn't seem like much time.  What if my plane is delayed? What if I get held up in immigration in Dubai?  I read that I do not need to get a Visa in advance for Dubai since I am a United State's resident; I am still nervous that something will go wrong and I get held up.  I looked at other flights with longer lay over times; however, it was either a 2 hour layover in Dubai or a 7-10hr lay over in Dubai (f*ck that!!!). Anyone who knows me...knows that I am not one to wait around all day.   I am hoping and praying everything goes smooth.  I do NOT want to miss my flight to India. 

My Hotel...

So I decided to stay at the Svelte Personal Suites.  I mainly decided to stay here because most IP's say on their blog that this is where they stayed.  In addition, I hear its close to SCI, the rooms are nice, and somewhat....somewhat reasonably priced.  I'd rather stay here since I've been hearing alot about it, and since its just me, I need as much comfort and familiarity as I can get.   You can check out their site here:

I thought after I booked my flight and hotel that I would be super excited but all I can feel is my nerves and a bunch of "what if" questions going through my mind.  I hope this feeling will go away soon...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Looks like my little swimmers can swim

Well I received my semen analysis and it looks like my swimmers and plentiful and strong! It's strange because I have always just assumed that I would be able to produce a child. Waiting for the analysis made me remember that I can't just assume that I will be able to make a baby. I'm glad everything is okay though. I received the following email from SCI...

Dear Fred,

Greetings from SCI Healthcare !!!

Thank you very much for your e-mail and attached report.

We would like to inform you that Dr. Shivani has reviewed your semen analysis report and noted that all the parameters are within normal limits.

Please note that your semen sample is fine for ICSI & freezing.

Kindly feel free to contact us for any further queries.

I will now go ahead and book my flight and hotel!  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some lab results

So I just got this email regarding some of my lab testing. I'm one step closer...

Hi Fred,

My name is [Omitted] and I work with [Omitted}, MD at One Medical Group. Our Medical Team has reviewed your lab results and I have attached them here for you to view.

 - Your blood glucose (sugar) and electrolytes are normal, and your kidney function tests are all perfect.
 - Your tests for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis are negative (normal).
 - You are immune to hepatitis B. ("High" antibody titers indicate immunity.)
If you have questions or concerns, please email your provider. If you'd prefer to schedule a follow up appointment, just call the office or book one online at
Thanks, and best regards,

Now I'm just waiting on my semen analysis report and blood grouping. =-)

So much to say...

OMG I have so much to tell you…I don’t know where to begin.

Let me start by saying that my egg collection dates have changed from the 7th, 8th, and 9th to the 4th, 5th and 6th.  So here is how my schedule will play out.  I will arrive in India on December 2nd (which means I have to fly out of DC on December 1st…I am not looking forward to that long flight).  I will meet with the doctor on December 3rd and also give a “sample” lol.  I will meet with the attorney on December 4th.  On December 5th I will leave another  “sample.”  :-).  On December 6th I have a free day. On December 7th I will leave my last sample (that is going to be a fun week! LOL).  My plan is to catch a flight on Saturday December 8th to return home. 

The tests…

As I stated in my last post, I had an appointment with my primary care physician to have some required test done that is needed before I go to India (blood grouping to determine blood type, HIV, hepatitis B&C, Syphillis, and semen analysis).  I recently went to this doctor’s office and I really like them.  They have multiple locations so you should check them out. Here’s the website for the DC location:  I like this office because they received good reviews from current patients.  My experience thus far has been great.  My doctor always responds quickly when I email her. When I met with her she was thorough.  She also seemed genuinely excited for me when I told her why I needed these tests. 

Most people don’t know this but I am somewhat afraid of needles.  I’m okay once the needle is in, but the thought of getting stuck with a needle scares me.  Needless to say, when the lab technician (or whoever she was who drew my blood) had to try 3 times (and got someone to help) before she got my vain, I was pretty irritated and scared.  I later found out that my veins were smaller because I did not drink anything that morning (I thought I was supposed to fast…clearly I was wrong and won’t make that mistake again.  You must stay hydrated!).  She did give me a Starbucks gift card since she had to poke me more then once so it was all worth it ;-). 

After my blood tests, my doctor says that she give me a script to have the semen analysis done.  She faxed it over to the hospital where I wanted to give my sample.  This was an experience all in itself…

So, let me start off by saying that you are to abstain from any….ANY….sexual activity for at least 2 or 3 days before giving a “sample.”  I learned of this last week when I called the hospital to find out what I needed to do to have an analysis done.  I wasn’t sure how soon I would be able to get into the hospital to have the analysis done so I made sure there was no sexual activity of any kind since last Thursday; I did not get to do the analysis until yesterday (Wednesday…1 week later) and I was in heat!!!!!  I was liable to jump the nurse’s bones at the lab I was so in heat (as one of my friends said…I may not have needed a surrogate at that point LOL).  Anyway, going to the hospital to give the sample was somewhat embarrassing.  The hospital staff at the lab already knows why you’re there.  As I walk in and say my name.  I’m looking at them and they are looking at me, and we both know what I’m about to do while there – very awkward.  Long story short, I get my cup, go to a single bathroom, and do what I need to do, and felt much better afterwards!

In other news, I sent an initial payment to India so it is official!!!  My next steps are to send my lab reports to India when I receive them, book my flight, hotel, and obtain my Visa to travel to India. 

I hope everyone has a great day.  Don’t forget to follow me!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Welcome...let me catch you up.

Hello Blogland! I want to welcome everyone to join me on my journey to surrogacy in India.  Hopefully, during this journey, I will make friends who have been, going through, or will go through this same path. 

So...a little about me.  My name is Fred.  I am single, gay, 30 years old, and I live in Maryland (DC/Metro region).  I'm not much of a writer but decided that I should blog about this experience.  I have always wanted kids but feared I would never have them being gay. One day, I was watching Youtube videos and somehow came across a news clip from the Today show.  The clip featured a couple who used a surrogate in India to begin their family.I'm going to try and upload the video here:

  For 3 years, I researched, and researched and researched and was excited that I too could follow the same path.  The main purpose of this blog is to allow my journey to be an open book for those who eventually want to take the same path. 

As an update on where I am in the process.  So I looked at 3 main clinics but felt the most comfortable with Dr. Shivani at Surrogacy Centre India (SCI). For those who wish to check out their website, it's

I like SCI for many reasons.  They have great success rates, when you email them, they promptly respond with full answers to your questions, they have clear payment schedules, excellent "Client Managers" in your home country who is your right hand (Hi Kim!!!!), and the list goes on and on...

Anyway, back to the update.  So I researched 3 clinics, decided on SCI and contacted them.  I completed my enrollment form and sent it to Kim (my ambassador with SCI).  I have also selected a donor.  SCI sent me many potential donors and I had to select my top 5.  This must be a busy time of year because all of my selected donors were booked except for my 2nd best choice so I decided on her.  She is young, attractive, and seems to be full of life.  From reading other blogs, it looks like I am starting pretty fast.  My donor's scheduled egg collection will be around December 7th, 8th, or 9th.  I need to be in Delhi approx 3 or 4 days prior to egg collection.  [ENTER NERVOUS FEELING HERE].  There's so many things I need to do.  Before I begin, I have to have the following tests:

Semen analysis
-Blood group
-HbsA (Hepatitis B)
-VDRL (Syphilis)
-HCV (Hepatitis C

Unfortunately, Maryland residents cannot just go to a lab and asks for these tests.  Direct access testing is illegal.  I contacted my Primary Care Physician and set an appoint for Tuesday, October 16th at 2PM to have these tests done.  (I'm hoping I can have everything done on Tuesday). 

After my semen analysis, I will receive my invoice to make my "Stage one" payment which covers the beginning treatments to the surrogate and donor.

I plan on flying to Delhi either December 1st or 2nd and leaving the night of December 9th.  This way, I am there for the entire egg collection.  Prior to flying into India, you have to get a Visa from the Indian Consulate in your home country.  I have read that in the States, that process is outsourced to a company called Travisa (or something).  I will blog more about that later as I go through the process.  Right now, my mind is racing thinking about everything that needs to be done (Tests...Visa...Flight...Hotel.....oh my). 

I believe this catches you up to where I am in the surrogacy process.  I hope you follow me and enjoy this crazy ride I am about to go on.  Talk to you soon.