Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hey all:

Thank you all so much the kind words.  It has been so hectic.  I decided to advance my flight for two main reasons.  First, I just want to hold my boys.  I can't wait to see them and hold them.  Second, Dr. Gupta said they would be discharged either Thursday or Friday.  It makes no sense for me to wait until my flight on Sunday night because that flight will arrive on Monday night (New Delhi time) which means I won't get my babies until Tuesday.  I have to pay $200 per baby/per day.  That's $400 a day.  The cost to change my flight totalled $469 and my hotel cost a little over 100 bucks to check in on the 2nd instead of the 5th.  So, so i'm saving hospital admission charges for Friday, Sat, Sun and Mon, perhaps even Tues by flying over a bit earlier.  Therefore, my flight leaves this Thusday.  I will continue to update my blog to let you know how everything goes. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Photos of Newborn Twins

Hi all:

I received photos of the twins and I'm so excited.

Here's Chase Alexander:

Here's Camden Myles:


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Update on Chase and Camden

I just spoke to Dr. Gupta.  He advised that both twins are healthy and no abnormalities.  They are bottle feeding and breathing on their own.  One twin is 5.73lbs and the other is 5.29lbs which is very good.  Photos to come...

I'M A DADDY!!!!!!!

I'm freaking out!!! I'm trying to do a million things at once!! I got an email from Dr. Shivani telling met to give her my phone number or to call her because she had good news for me.

My heart started racing and I'm running around looking for my calling card and a pen LOL.  I also emailed her my number.  She called me with the best news anyone can give.

MY TWO SONS ARE HEAR!!!!!!  Yes. I am the proud daddy of two little boys.  I will get details in the morning India time. But she said they are healthy and everything is well.  They are both healthy weights etc.  I will upload weights and  pictures as soon as I get them.

So please join me in welcoming Chase Alexander and Camden Myles to the world.  I love you two little guys!!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013


No...not to me...not yet at least.  I just wanted to take a minute to congratulate M. We have been emailing over the last couple of months because we will both be in India at the same time for baby pickup.  He lands in India tomorrow.  He has received some amazing news today that he is now the father of an absolutely beautiful baby boy.  Congrats M!!! I will see you soon. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

USG Report..!!

I love when I wake up to emails from SCI titled "USG Report..!!"  This morning, I woke up to such unexpected email. 

From reading the report, Twin I has decided to undo the cord.  Twin II still has the cord wrapped around once.  Perhaps s/he will undo the cord as well. 

I am still 34 weeks but will be 35 weeks tomorrow.  I'm happy to say that the twins are still growing strong.  Twin I weights 2763grams (6.09lbs) and Twin II weights 2610grams (5.75lbs).  I think these are very good estimated fetal weights and perhaps they won't require a NICU stay.  I'm hoping they stay put until I get there LOL. 

Lastly, I noticed that this recent scan says that the liquor is back to adequate.  Remember, last week it said it was excessive but things are back to normal and I'm very happy.

I hope everyone enjoys the report/scan below.  Have a great day!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

34 Weeks!!!

Yes…34 Weeks.  It is amazing that I am at 34 weeks.  I still cannot wrap my brain around the fact that I will be on a plane, returning to India, in less than three weeks.  

As an update on my surrogate and the twins, I am happy to report that they are both doing quite well.  I received a USG report and scan last Saturday thatI will attach below.  If you remember from my previous post, Twin I weighed 1894grms (4.17lbs) and Twin II weighed 1923grms (4.23lbs).  On Saturday (33 week gestation), Twin I weighed 2503grms (approx. 5.5lbs) and Twin II weighed 2270grms (5lbs).  It’s unbelievable that both babies are now over 5lbs at 34 weeks.  I am hoping they decide to stay put until I get there on August 5th.  I can’t wait to see them, hold them, hug them, and kiss them.  I already love them! The USG report said that there was excessive liquor but SCI (and my own research) shows that it is normal with a twin pregnancy. Sometimes, it could mean that the fetus is not digesting enough of the fluid but that would be rare.


In other news, my office threw me a baby shower which was very nice.  Between the baby shower I had with friends and my office shower, I received almost everything I need for my trip to India and more.  My family wants to have a baby shower once I’m home with the babies.  This way, they will know the gender and can get gender – specific items and colors.


Well, I just wanted to do a quick update on what’s going on with me.  I hope everyone is doing well.  Please keep your fingers crossed that the little ones will stay put until I get to India.  By this time next month, you all would have met the two new additions to my life.  Talk to you later.



Thursday, July 4, 2013

32 Weeks and Belly Photos

I cannot believe that I am at 32 weeks now.  Time has flown by.  It feels like just yesterday I was in India.  I remember reading the blogs of people who were 30+ weeks and thinking to myself "its going to take me forever to get to that point."  I had no idea how fast these weeks would fly by.

Knowing that my return to India is so close, I've spent the last couple weeks preparing for what I and the twins would need while in India.  So far, I began filling out the CRBA, passport, and social security forms (the portions that I could fill out at this point).  I have also emailed the US Embassy introducing myself and advised them of my situation.  I have arranged for the DNA kits to be shipped to the US Embassy.  I am working with Chromosomal Labs in Arizona.  Specifically, I have been speaking with Melissa Valmonte.  She has been recommended to me by many and I remember seeing various bloggers who used Chromosomal Labs and were satisfied.  So far, I am satisfied.  Melissa seems to know exactly what she is doing.  She is very accessible.  I have been able to reach her each time I have called.  Chromosomal Labs work with various labs across the country and the parents can have their DNA taken before arriving in India.  I will be going next week an affiliate lab in Alexandria, VA to get my DNA swabbed. 

In addition to the boring stuff like filling out forms and arranging DNA testing, I have done some fun things like buying baby stuff for my trip.  I received many items from people at my babyshower a couple weeks ago.  I will likely receive more items from my office baby shower on Tuesday, July 9th.  I went to target to use a gift card that I received at my babyshower.  I called Kim Hendrix - client manager and most importantly friend- and she stayed on the phone with me the entire time I was in the store.  She was able to tell me how much of everything I would need while in India.  It was sobering learning about how much formula and diapers I would need for my 3 week stay LOL.  It was really fun buying everything - it feels so real now.  Its funny because Kim's heart drops every time I call her because she thinks I'm calling to say the babies are here LOL.  I can tell she really cares and I appreciate it.   I will add a list of everything that I am taking when I pack to help others that have trips coming up.   

So, I emailed SCI and asked if my surrogate would be willing to take belly photos; she was willing to YAY! I think its so cool to see the photos.  A big thank you to my surrogate and SCI for the photos below.  I hope everyone has a good day and a happy 4th in the States.