Monday, July 29, 2013

Photos of Newborn Twins

Hi all:

I received photos of the twins and I'm so excited.

Here's Chase Alexander:

Here's Camden Myles:



  1. Wow Congratulations Fred. They are beautiful! Hope you can tell which one is which? Camden looks happier/calmer! LOL

  2. Hey Fred , congratulations it´s been a while I´ve been following your blog ,and I am very happy for you and your babies , I´m also expecting a baby through surrogacy in India and my baby will be born next november so enjoy your twins.

  3. Chase looks so much like you that I could pick him out of 500 babies and tell that he is your son! I'm so honored to have been with you throughout this long and bumpy crazy ride! Congratulations, my friend, can't wait to hold these little guys soon!!


  4. Oh my gosh, SO cute. And so much hair!!! Bet you're still on cloud nine.

  5. Congratulations, wow, two beautiful little boys - well done, you went through a lot, enjoy your beloved sweet little ones.

  6. Congratulations!!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!