Monday, February 11, 2013

Goodbye First Trimester…Hello Second

Wooohoooo we’ve made it to the second trimester!!  It feels like I JUST returned from India.  Where has the time gone?!?!  I received an updated USG scan today along with an email saying that everything looks normal and the twins and surrogate are both doing well.  It also says that my surrogate has completed her first trimester.  I swear I thought it would take forever to reach this point but time really flew by.  I wonder if the rest of the pregnancy will fly by too?  I hope not because I have so much I need to do.   The only downfall of being in the 2nd trimester is that I will only receive USG scans once a month; I’ve gotten used to receiving scans every 2 weeks.  Here is the most recent USG scan of my babies (I don't know which twin is which. I can only make out a couple of the sonograms. Perhaps someone can teach me LOL):
You know what is funny…my days are now consumed with watching pregnancy shows,  reading articles about raising twins, baby products, etc.  Speaking of which, there are many items specifically for twins: twin bassinets, hands free bottles, obviously twin strollers, cribs, high chairs, etc.   

Now that I’m in the 2nd trimester, I need to seriously sit down and map out a plan to bring babies home. 

The Flight

How did you go about booking a flight?  Did you wait until the last minute since you never know when the babies will arrive? Did you book a ticket that allows you to make last minute changes?  Which airline did you fly?  I was very impressed with Emirates and will likely fly them again.  I was thinking about calling them to see if I can get some special seating since I will be flying with two infants.  I’ve read that they have bassinet available and will accommodate you.  I am thankful because my Godsister “T” will be meeting me in India to help me bring home babies (maybe this will help me avoid the “where’s the wife” questions too).    I’m thinking about how to coordinate our departure tickets also.  I will arrive in India before she will but I want to make sure she is on the same returning flight and seated next to me.  Should we just book one way tickets each way?  If you book a round-trip flight, how did you know what returning flight to select  You don’t know when you will be done with all of the paper work.  What if you finish earlier than expected?  Should I take a baby carrier/ stroller to get through the airport?  I am going to drive myself mad LOL.

 The Hotel

Where should I stay? I’m strongly considering staying at the Hilton Garden Inn (next door to the Svelte) this time.  Kim (client manager) stayed there to check it out and raved about the hotel.  Kim has always been honest with me and I trust her opinions; she may have swayed me.  Also, the Svelte is very expensive and this will not be a one-week stay like It was in December.  I need something reasonably priced, clean, convenient, safe, accommodating, etc.   How far in advance did you book your hotel?  I was thinking about waiting until the 3rd trimester (btw….every time I’ve typed “trimester” in this blog, I’ve mistakenly typed “trimesterday.”  I thought this was kind of funny).  It freaks me out that once you are near your due date, the babies can come at any time and you just have to be ready.    Also, how do you know how many nights to book your hotel? You never know how long all of the paper work will actually take? What if you book for 3 weeks and end up finishing earlier.

Birth Certificate, DNA, Passports, Exit Visa

I am dreading this part the most.  I wish I had a price list that covers the costs of bringing home babies.  Any advice on quickly obtaining the birth certificate?  Any recommendations on DNA labs?  How far in advance should I have the DNA kit shipped to the US Embassy?

Needless to say, I will be pouring over everyone’s blogs and bugging Kim with questions in order to come up with my own bringing home babies plan.  For now, I will just sit back, and celebrate reaching this milestone.  I hope everyone is having a great day.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Surrogate Update 3

Everyday, SCI has sent me an email with an update on my surrogate and I really appreciate it.  This morning, I've finally received the email that I have been waiting for. My surrogate is now doing fine and is no longer throwing up.  They are releasing her from the hospital....woohoooo!!!! This situation has had me stressed and I am a pretty even-keeled guy.  I've read online about this extreme form of morning sickness ( is the same thing that Kate Middleton has) and it is no joke.  There's rarely any risk to the mother and child so long as dehydration doesn't occur.  This is why the hospital was the best place for my surrogate because they can make sure she ate and didn't get dehydrated. I also read that Hyperemesis Gravidarum (this extreme form of morning sickness), although rare, is more common if (among other things) pregnant with multiples and pregnant with a female fetus (is there a little girl in there somewhere??). This process is definitely an emotional roller coaster.  I strongly believe that you receive what you put in the universe.  All day yesterday, I just keep thinking and believing will my entire self that my surrogate would be released from the hospital this week.  The remainder of this pregnancy will be boring and uneventful.  Thank you all for your support during this last week and I'll update you soon.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Surrogate Update #2

My client manager (and friend) Kim was able to speak with Dr. Shivani and find out what was going on with my surromomma.  Her diagnosis is Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  Its where you vomit everyday and can't take oral feedings so you need to be on an IV.  My surrogate and babies should be fine.  The main risk is dehydration; however, since she is in the hospital and staying hydrated all should be well.  Thanks Kim for finding this out!   I also received an email from SCI today. (I must say, SCI has been sending me daily updates on my surrogate while she is in the hospital and I appreciate that).  The most recent email advises that my surrogate is still in the hospital but it sounds like she is stable now and is not throwing up (but is suffered one or two episodes of "loose motions" yesterday.  They sent some more samples to the lab and are still keeping a close eye on her.  I hope she gets completely well soon; I'm sure she has to be tired of being in that hospital.  I will keep everyone updated on what is going on.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Surrogate Update

Sadly, my surrogate is still in the hospital.  Docs say that she is getting better but not completely well; she is still throwing up.  I asked what her diagnosis was and I'm waiting for a response.  The did a scan and the twins are doing fine.  The hospital is giving my surrogate the best care and I hope they find out what's wrong with her and I hope she gets better.  I will keep everyone up to date.  Here is the most recent scan: