Thursday, February 7, 2013

Surrogate Update 3

Everyday, SCI has sent me an email with an update on my surrogate and I really appreciate it.  This morning, I've finally received the email that I have been waiting for. My surrogate is now doing fine and is no longer throwing up.  They are releasing her from the hospital....woohoooo!!!! This situation has had me stressed and I am a pretty even-keeled guy.  I've read online about this extreme form of morning sickness ( is the same thing that Kate Middleton has) and it is no joke.  There's rarely any risk to the mother and child so long as dehydration doesn't occur.  This is why the hospital was the best place for my surrogate because they can make sure she ate and didn't get dehydrated. I also read that Hyperemesis Gravidarum (this extreme form of morning sickness), although rare, is more common if (among other things) pregnant with multiples and pregnant with a female fetus (is there a little girl in there somewhere??). This process is definitely an emotional roller coaster.  I strongly believe that you receive what you put in the universe.  All day yesterday, I just keep thinking and believing will my entire self that my surrogate would be released from the hospital this week.  The remainder of this pregnancy will be boring and uneventful.  Thank you all for your support during this last week and I'll update you soon.


  1. Great news! Thanks for the update. Cheers!

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