Sunday, February 3, 2013

Surrogate Update

Sadly, my surrogate is still in the hospital.  Docs say that she is getting better but not completely well; she is still throwing up.  I asked what her diagnosis was and I'm waiting for a response.  The did a scan and the twins are doing fine.  The hospital is giving my surrogate the best care and I hope they find out what's wrong with her and I hope she gets better.  I will keep everyone up to date.  Here is the most recent scan:



  1. I hope it is just bad morning sickness ( I dunno why it is called morning sickness, because it clearly can happen 24/7!), and your surro will get better soon. Sending you a lot of positive vibes!

  2. Hoping that it resolves soon and she and your babies continue to get stronger.

  3. Sending positive thoughts your way. Babies look so big! Grow, grow, grow!