Sunday, October 6, 2013


Today, my boys are 10 weeks old and they are growing quite fast. As of September 20th, they both were exactly 9.75lbs.  Chase was 21.5 inches long and Camden was 22 inches long. It has been a joy watching them grow over these 10 weeks.  They are both eating very well, they are cooing, social smiling, and when they social smile it makes your heart melt. It makes all the tough times disappear. Oh yes, there will be tough times...people just don't talk about it.  One of the biggest things that you will learn is the true meaning of PATIENCE.

Have you ever watched the news and you hear a story about a parent shaking their baby to death? I have heard news reports about that and I think " in the world can anybody do something like that to a harmless innocent child. That Monster!" But now that my boys are at the peak of their crying stage, and when they are ganging up on me, I think "oooooo....thaaaat's how that happens."

Now there's still no excuse for harming your baby but I am talking about this topic because as a new parent, you really have to be realistic about the challenges and be patient.  When your child is crying non-stop and they are pushing you to your wits end...its okay to admit that you need a 5 minute break, help, a drink (LOL), or whatever you need to get you through the tough times because it is not all laughs, giggles, and good times.  I have 10-week old twin boys as you know.  They are the center of my world.  At 10 weeks, they are at the peak of their non-stop crying and there are moments where nothing will soothe them.  You're not a bad parent if you need to take a 5 minute breather. I'm not trying to scare anyone, I just want you to understand that you're not a bad parent and if parents tell you they've never felt like this they are lying.

With that said, I wouldn't change being a parent for the world.  I went back to work and felt so guilty leaving my babies.  I'm told that feeling will change as I get used to being back at work.  I miss them so much when I'm gone.

The last thing I want to talk about is overestimating your time to do things.  All parents need to do this but this is especially true for parents of multiples.  You cannot go ANYWHERE without being stopped over and over and over again by people ooohhing and ahhing over your twins.  People are still amazed when they see twins (especially a single guy walking around with twins). Every 10 steps or so...someone will stop you or comment "ooohh wow twinsss."  I've learned that I'm not being an asshole if I just give a smile and nod and keep on walking when I really have to be somewhere. LOL

Well, I just wanted to do this quick post.  I will do another very soon.  I hope everyone is doing well.  Congrats to Payam and Sajeev on the birth of their cute little twins.  I can't wait to meet you in New York for a playdate!

Here are a couple updated pics of the loves of my life: