Wednesday, December 12, 2012


As I mentioned in my previous post, 22 eggs were recovered from my egg donor. Of those 22, 18 were mature and fertilized. The embryo transfer took place this past Monday. I received the treatment summary and it looks like everyting went well. The summary says that there was easy access, no complications, and the transfer procedure was generally described as easy. It also says that 4 Grade I embryos (8 cells each) were transferred to my surrogate. One one of them, it looks like it says "Grade I.5" I'm not sure what that means (perhaps halfway to a grade II) but i'm hoping that it is good. From looking at the treatment summary, it looks like everything went well and I am keeping my fingers crossed that one of them attach and grow! Welcome to the 2WW. I hope these next two weeks fly by. I should know something on 12/24/12 - maybe i'll have an early Christmas present.


  1. Hey Fred

    I hope you get a lovely BFP (positive result)for Christmas....will keep reading for updates. Having Joanne, Robert, Gachy and Fernando and their bub Francisco over for dinner tonite - spaghetti bolognese.....are you on FB might see if you are and send you friend request. Take Care xxx mel and andrew

    1. Thank you! I wish I was there to enjoy dinner with everyone; I bet you all had a blast! Please tell everyone hello for me and congratulate Gachy and Fernando on their little one for me. I am on Facebook. I believe you can search me by my email Send me a request.

  2. Great numbers on the egg collection, fingers crossed for you Fred!

  3. Hi Fred,

    Glad everything is looking good. Good luck on your 2WW!
    It was nice meeting you over breakfast. Preet and Nev

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