Friday, April 26, 2013

Feeling Good...

Hello Blogland:

Thank You!!!

First, I want to stay thank you to everyone for their advice in response to my last post.  I received many emails with some great tips!  You provided me with your insight, and essential tips, and it would be much more difficult to make it through this process without you.  In future posts, I will be blogging about the many tips that have been told to me that will be helpful to all future intended parents.  I am really grateful for the advice from those who did this before me; I cannot describe in words my gratitude. 

Telling The Job

This week I told my job about my being gay and pursuing surrogacy in India.  Although I was a little nervous, I had an idea that they would take the news well.  I am a criminal defense attorney with the public defender’s office and I work with a bunch of other criminal defense attorneys.   By profession, we defend all types of people who find their selves involve in all types of situations.  It takes a particular type of personality to do this type of work and that personality is generally accepting of all people.  This week proved to be no different.  I wish you could see my bosses’ excitement when I told them that I had twins on the way and that I was pursuing Indian Surrogacy as a single parent.  They smiled, laughed, called me brave, and could not contain their excitement.  One of my bosses said “THAT…IS…FAN…TASTIC!!!!!”   They asked questions about Indian Surrogacy such as why India, if it was safe, etc.  Then, they proceeded to plan my office baby shower.  I had to pick baby shower dates (my boss says I better have an office baby shower…so I can get free shit LOL…her words…not mine).  Another coworker was so excited and decided to spend most of the day coming into my office to guess baby names (she will also be making me a baby blanket).   I could not have asked for a better response and I am blessed to work with such a great group of people. 

Raising Twins…

…HAS been on my mind since I found out that I would be having them.  I purchased a book yesterday and it is pretty good so far.  The book is called “Juggling Twins…The Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies from Pregnancy to the Toddler Years.”  The book is written by Meghan Regan-Loomis.   I am on chapter 11 of 37.  This book gives great advice with a twist of humor.  If the remainder of the book is anything like the first 11 chapters, I’d suggest any soon-to-be parents of twins to get the book.

Baby Shower

So I have been thinking about my baby shower.  The tentative date is June 22nd.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am not interested in the traditional baby shower (playing the games, opening gifts while everyone watches and oooo’s and ahh’s over baby gifts).  I want my baby shower to be a party.  I am one of few people who can drink at their own baby shower LOL.  It will be on a Saturday night with good food, drinks, DJ, and a ton of friends.  I’ll be getting my portion of the invite list and my gift registry (my sister will be helping me with the gift registry).  I should have a “BYOD” party (Bring Your Own Diapers…that’s an idea listed in the Juggling Twins book…I thought it was too funny).  But yes, my baby shower be a party to celebrate the soon (but not too soon) arrival of C&C.

The Plan

I have heeded to much advice and I am now planning to go to India around August 3rd/4th.  I plan to stay until around August 23rd (if the little ones comply LOL). This will give time for my little ones to come, and gives me a few Tuesdays to get the DNA testing.  I will likely stay at the Hilton Garden Inn which seems to be very accommodating to IPs.  I will use Chromosomal Labs for my DNA testing.  I will blog in a little more detail about this in a future post.  For now, I am tired and need to wrap this post up lol. I hope everyone enjoyed this post and I hope you all have a great weekend. Congrats to all of the new IPs and new parents out there. 
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  1. Hey Fred, Andrew and I are so happy for you that your work have been so fantastic. It is such an exciting time and being able to tell people finally is such a liberating feeling! I cant wait to see news in August of your precious twins. Enjoy this time. xxxx

    1. Thanks Mel. I am so excited. Feels like just yesterday we were all at BeBar having a blast.

  2. Loved your blog, Fred!! Specially the part about turning a baby shower into a dance party with DJ and drinking,... LOL. I'm taking notes and hope to implement them 2 months after you! :)

    1. Thanks P. You should definitely have a big party lol. I think it would be really fun. How are you?

  3. Hi Fred, great stuff! Glad everything worked out with your workplace. Had to come out and inform my work about surrogacy as well as soon as the first trimester was over. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the CRBA (consular report of birth abroad) takes about 2 weeks, so hopefully you've taken that into consideration. We haven't gotten ours yet, but the full passports are ready. I'll pick up everything all at once so it will only be one trip for me to the embassy (hopefully next week). Have fun with your baby shower. Cheers!

  4. Hi Fred,

    Your plan sounds perfect. Although its been almost a year since the twins and I left, and things may have changed some, I Just wanted to followup on the previous post from Kiwi-Americana. I did FRRO and Embassy all in one day. I had my CRBA forms mailed to me at my home in the states. You will need it to get a social security number and permanent passport but not for anything else. Its a very pretty document though. You can check my Blog for posts on the process, but I think you plan is pretty solid. Just be ready to adapt to changes, bring copies of everything (even if they decide they dont want it) you can make copies for free at the Hilton garden inn computer room next to the pool. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. The book you are reading by the way is great and was a big help! Good luck!