Friday, May 31, 2013

New Scan

Suprisingly, I received a new scan today.  I expected to receive it tomorrow.  I am happy to report that everything is looking good.  Currently, I am at 27 weeks but the twins' gestational ages are 29 Weeks (Twin I) and 28.4 weeks (Twin II). According to, they should be almost 2lbs. Twin I weights 1204grams (2.65lbs) and Twin II weights 1272grams (2.80lbs).  Seems that they are growing ahead of schedule.  Perhaps that's a good thing since there's no indication that there's gestational diabeties or any negative reason to explain why the twins are growing ahead of schedule so I'm happy.  I looked at the USG report from my last scan and it seems that the twins doubled in size.  Here is the latest scan.  I also attached the two reports so you can see how much they have grown; its amazing.  I hope everything enjoys their weekend.


  1. Thats great news Fred..time is flying so it won't be long now before you get to meet your precious two xxx mel

  2. Good stuff Fred. Glad that all is well. Cheers!